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Enable the Android screen reader Talkback from the Linux command line

Posted by Eric Scheibler at April 30, 2022

You can enable Androids screen reader from the Linux command line with the following command:

adb shell settings put secure enabled_accessibility_services

Unfortunately you had to enable USB Debugging on your Android device before. Furthermore you must install the Android Debug Bridge on your PC. Otherwise the command above will not work.

Shell script for ADF scanner Fujitsu SP-1120

Posted by Eric Scheibler at July 3, 2021

Recently I bought a Fujitsu SP-1120 to replace my rather slow and old flatbed scanner. The Fujitsu is an an automatic document feeder (ADF) with duplex support. It’s faster, scans front and back pages in one go and produces a much better image quality for ocr.

This article describes the installation under Debian Linux and provides a simple scan-to-pdf shell script.

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MPD - Announce current song

Posted by Eric Scheibler at December 29, 2018

My server runs an MPD instance for music playback. The following script for Mac announces the currently playing song after every song change. It uses Mac OS build in TTS and tries to guess the song title language.

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Game of thrones - Tactile maps for the blind and visually impaired

Posted by Eric Scheibler at August 13, 2017

I’m a great fan of the TV series Game of Thrones and the books it’s based on. In cooperation with Jens Bornschein from the TU Dresden I’ve created tactile maps of Westeros and Essos and made them available for download . Be aware, you need a braille printer or similar device to produce tactile maps.

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Disable laptop screen on Linux

Posted by Eric Scheibler at July 3, 2016

This article describes how to disable the laptop screen on Lenovo Thinkpads. This saves a lot of power and enhances your privacy. Root privileges required. Tested with a Thinkpad T450 on Debian Stretch.

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